Curtains video guides

How to create your perfect window dressings

Curtains provide a room with that “finished” look, as well as shading from bright sunshine or helping to retain warmth in winter. They’re also a fantastic way of updating the décor of your room quickly and easily.

The first step to a flawless finish is getting the curtain sizes right to fit your window. Watch this video or read our buying guide to get some help with this; or if you’d prefer, in our shops we offer a measuring service. Once you've chosen your fabric, one of our expert estimators can come to your home to measure up for you free of charge, and we also offer a fitting service, the cost of which depends on the complexity of the work involved..

If you’re making your own curtains, these videos will show you how to calculate the fabric you need, which lining to choose, and how to make a pair of simple pencil pleats. Whether you make your own or buy ready-mades, it can be tricky to hang pleated curtains so that they look perfect – there’s video advice on that too.

How to measure for curtains

How to calculate curtain fabric

How to choose curtain lining

How to make pencil pleat curtains

How to hang curtains