Fitting curtain poles: video guides

New curtains and poles are a sure-fire way to refresh a room, but new curtains on old fittings may not quite do the job – and fitting new poles isn’t as tricky as you might think.

In these videos, we show you how to measure and fit a pole for a straight window, a recess and a bay, and how to cut or join poles should a ready-made length not be right for your space.

We hope it shows you how, with a little care and patience, fitting your own curtain pole is a relatively simple job. But do remember, if you simply lack the time or inclination, for a fee, we can arrange to measure and fit curtain poles and tracks for you – find out more here, or just ask in our shops. Our buying guide also gives clear instructions on how to measure accurately for curtain poles, or for tracks.

Straight regular window

Recess window

Cutting and joining

Bay window