How to choose a sofa bed - video guide

Joanne Rickwood

Assistant Buyer, Upholstery

Make your space more flexible

A sofa bed is an important investment that chosen wisely will allow you to accommodate for that unexpected guest and have extra seating available at a moment's notice! It's a functional and flexible piece of furniture, and there are many types of sofa bed available.

Some offer a practical solution for occasional use, and others are more robust and suitable for frequent use - so they're especially suitable if you don't have a spare bedroom but still want a comfortable sofa. The type and style of mechanism is also important.

Mechanism type

  • 2-fold – a traditional mattress sofa bed that pulls out from beneath the cushions. It has one fold in the matress, as a result only folding the mechanism once allows for thicker mattress options to be used; often up to 10cm depth. The advantage of holding a deeper mattress helps provide a more comfortable sleeping option, so it can be used more regularly. See our Cubic sofa range.
  • Trundle – a sofa bed that slides out on casters or wheels from the valanced base. It’s perfect for small spaces, as you don’t have to remove and store the cushions when it’s a bed. See our Sacha sofa range.
  • Click-clac – A simple push-up and let slide motion will turn a sofa into a flat bed. See our Napa sofa range.
  • Fold away – Simply separates apart and together to form a bed. Normally comes without a back or arms. See our Sonoma sofa range
  • Roll-out – A sofa bed on wheels that when pushed slides from sofa to bed simply. It normally needs to be against a wall. See our Strauss sofa range.

We know that sometimes a sofa bed is a last-minute purchase, so we hold selected colours across the whole range in stock, ready for 7-day sofa bed delivery to cater for those unexpected guests.

To help you select the right sofa bed, we've made this video guide to show the variety of models available so you can make the right decision. 

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