Clever gadgets for the kitchen

Frances Lilley

Web Copy Producer, Online Selling

Christmas signals a flurry of activity in most kitchens: there’s often so much to do but little time, and that’s where gadgets can save the day. These innovative tools are invading all areas of our home, including the kitchen, with the aim to aid our daily chores and make our lives much easier. Who wants to beat cake mixture until their arms are aching when a hand whisk will whip up a light, fluffy mixture in a matter of seconds?

Our selection of gadgets is ideal for cooking a Christmas feast or make excellent gifts for those friends who fancy themselves as a cordon bleu chef. There are gadgets for the strictest of budgets as well as investment pieces, but I’ve picked out a few below to get you started.

A good set of knives are essential to any kitchen. Over time, wear and tear from chopping surfaces can take its toll on knives, but this is nothing a quality sharpener can’t fix. The Robert Welch sharpener has ceramic sharpening wheels that maintain a blade with just a few simple strokes, allowing you to carve the turkey with the minimum amount of effort.

Cooking the perfect turkey can be a tricky for experts as well as novice cooks. Eddingtons Pop-up Turkey Timer takes the guess work out of cooking, popping up to alert you when your bird is thoroughly cooked.

Food preparation is often the longest part of a meal, so any tools to aid with slicing are a must if you want to spend more time with your guests this Christmas. A Zyliss hand slicer cuts food quickly and smoothly to various levels of thickness; a great assistance for dauphinoise potatoes or homemade apple tart.

One kitchen item I couldn’t be without is a garlic crusher and the Joseph Joseph stainless steel rocker is my favourite. The clever design makes this messy task much easier and the stainless steel reduces garlic odour on your hands. Simply press down with a rocking motion to crush and force garlic up through the mesh holes. This stylish tool would make the perfect gift for gadget lovers and is sure to be gratefully received. 

We have plenty of gadget gift ideas; the Oxo Good Grips Pitter is ideal for friends who make their own jams and preserves. Small yet mighty, it quickly punches out cherry stones leaving minimal mess. For those who love to host, wrap up a Savora rotary grater. The striking red design with a cast metal swing arm offers an impressive means of grating cheese over guest’s dinners (without the grated fingertips!)

It’s always nice to treat yourself as well as others…If you drink a lot of sparkling water then why not invest in a home carbonating machine? One gadget making a comeback this year is the SodaStream drinks maker. The redesigned SodaStream Source turns plain tap water into sparkling at the push of a button. It eliminates the need for plastic drinks bottles and ensures you’ll never run out of fizz for your guests over the festive period.

Wishing you a happy, hassle-free Christmas!

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