Living with LED – video guides

Diane Simpson, Buyer, Lighting

The last couple of years have seen dramatic changes in lighting, driven by our desire for energy efficiency. LED, light emitting diode, is the newest technology on this journey from traditional incandescent light bulbs.

LED uses around 85% less energy than incandescent bulbs, and will last for around 20,000 hours, against around 750 hours on the old ones.

LED technology comes in two ways. First, regular LED light bulbs fit in all the lights we have in our range; the new generation are so much brighter, have a warmer light, start instantly, and some are dimmable. Prices are coming down so they’re better in lots of ways.

Secondly, innovative integrated LED - where the light diode is build into the light fitting - has revolutionised lighting design, and you’ll see some very new-looking designs and lighting effects in our range.

These videos show you just some of our fabulous LED products, and we hope they’ll inspire you to make the switch to this exciting and energy-efficient lighting

Using LED bulbs in lighting

Innovative integrated LED lighting

Know your LED bulbs

Outdoor LED lighting