One room, four looks videos: Timeless

Dan Cooper

Buyer, Home accessories

Take one plain room, make it beautiful four ways

At John Lewis, we're really passionate about great interior design and helping you achieve fantastic results in your own homes.

These videos are designed to show how one, simply decorated room can be easily transformed into four different looks, with the use of great accessories. Often all that's needed is a modest budget and some basic know-how.

To show you just a few of the possibilities, we've identified four different key looks, which we call our Interior Design Styles. These are updated continually to reflect the trends of the moment, but at their core are designed to stand the test of time. Our buyers focus on these styles when putting together our ranges, to make sure you have plenty to choose from in each look every season.

In each of these videos, we've used the same neutral room containing this wonderfully adaptable Valencia corner unit. With small furniture pieces, wallpaper, rugs, cushions and accessories, we've achieved completely different but equally stylish results to inspire you. And if you feel like a change, the look can be updated or completely revamped in very little time.

And if you'd like some expert help with achieving these looks, our talented Home Design Advisors are here to help find out more about the service. Our thanks go to advisors Susie and Charlotte from Watford, and Alan from Peterborough, who helped put together these beautiful room sets.