Spring 2013 trends for Home


Mockie Harrison

Manager, Home Design Studio


Bring out the Pioneer or the Botanist in you

This season the John Lewis Design Studio has 2 inspirational looks for your home: Pioneer and Botanist. Both trends, inspired by the American Southwest and our perennial obsession with gardening, encompass a comprehensive collection of furnishings and accessories for every room in your home.



Image of Pioneer trend
Image of Pioneer trend

Our leading trend this spring takes us away from everything British and across the Atlantic Ocean. There, our pioneering ancestors first encountered indigenous tribes and a contrasting landscape, in particular the sun-baked deserts of the southwest.

This meeting point is key to our design work. You’ll find elements of Native American patterns - notably in textiles - and evidence of the traditional wood working skills of our Pilgrim Fathers, but we’ve also given this trend a smattering of the modern. It’s this contrast we’re interested in and that our designers and buyers have created for us.

Relaxed, informal, with a blurring between indoor and outdoor, Pioneer features geometric patterns, rounded shapes and interesting weaves, in opal, ochre, clementine and smoke colours.



Image of botanist trend

In complete contrast, Botanist couldn’t be more British. Last summer might be a distant memory but we’re still revelling in the British character. In the hope this summer won’t be as wet  as the last - please! - we’ve gone outside and looked for inspiration from gardens, nurseries and markets.

Botanist draws on our national obsession with gardening, from potting about in the allotment to tending the herbaceous border. There’s a nostalgic element as well and something of the English eccentric about this trend: think collecting.

Featuring delicate motifs from the natural world - look for butterflies or bees on china and glass - there are unfussy pieces made from practical materials that would look equally at home indoors or in the garden. With plenty of home-grown talent, from budding British designers to your own green fingers, this lush collection lets you reconnect with nature, while you live in a digital age.