The big spring clean

The ritual of spring cleaning after a long winter season can be as cleansing for the mind as it is for the home.

It's time to get stuck in and tackle tasks you might let slide during the rest of the year: we’ve put together this article to give you the tools, technology and tips you'll need to start on your big spring clean

Dyson V6 Vacuum cleaner

Clearing the cobwebs

Invest in strong bristle brushes to give your home a good scrub: good-quality natural materials last longer and make the job easier.

Add quaint appeal to dusting with a wool duster, featuring a bamboo handle that looks good and is ergonomic, too. For hard-to-reach spots, try the Dyson V6 vacuum cleaner. It’s a revelation: ideal for daily cleaning and cordless for portability, plus it's so convenient that you’ll probably clean dusty corners more often.

Naturally, with a dust-free house you'll want to let the sun shine in, so now's the time to clean your windows. The Kärcher WV5 premium window cleaner leaves smooth surfaces gleaming and streak-free, making it a great multi-use tool for use in the bathroom and on mirrors.


The oil in sheep's wool captures dust and makes this duster an effective and natural cleaning tool – to clean, simply vacuum off the dust then wash in warm, soapy water

Little things

Taking care of your daily appliances will help them last longer, and makes future cleaning quicker. Take a moment to descale kettles and coffee machines, particularly in hard water areas, and remove deposits on your iron’s soleplate to make it glide smoothly again.

Kitchen setting

Squeeze half a lemon into a mug of hot water, microwave for 5 minutes and then let stand for 5 minutes while keeping the door closed. Once done, you'll be able to effortlessly wipe clean the inside of your microwave


To rid your washing machine of bacteria and smells, run an empty cycle on the hottest setting – minimum 60°C – with 500g of soda crystals. When complete, run once more with a cup of white vinegar in the drum

DIY and decorating

If you have odd jobs you've been putting off, now's the traditional time to do some DIY. Conquer cracks in the wall with Polyfilla, then revive rooms with a splash of paint.

If you opt for high performance paints that can be scrubbed clean if your walls are in a high-traffic area, wall stains will be a thing of the past. You can even reinvent rooms with a new colour, or for a feature wall or more visual drama, try a printed wallpaper.


Use light paints, or large prints if you’re wallpapering, to suggest spaciousness – small, repeating prints and dark tones draw a room inwards, but lighter tones and larger prints offer airiness


Try making your own natural cleaner: infuse lemon peel, olive oil and vinegar for two weeks, then fill half of a spray bottle with the mix and half with water. The white vinegar cuts grease, deodorises and disinfects, while the lemon peel disinfects and the olive oil lifts dirt.

Cleaning spray

Deep cleaning

Breeze through dreaded jobs with the help of specialist cleaning products. The Bar Keeper’s Friend stain remover makes light work of surfaces you might have given up on altogether – it’s a great all-rounder for other spots too.

Look to our eco-friendly cleaning products to reduce chemical use and ensure your spring clean is kinder to the environment.

These e-cloths are made from tiny fibres that only need water to thoroughly clean anywhere in your home, and they're especially good for removing smears and sticky marks.

Cleaning products
scented candles

Fresh as a daisy

Now that your home is beautifully clean, add the finishing touch with scents that drift through your space – scented candles or reed diffusers lift rooms.

Lawn Mower

Garden paths and patios

You can even take your spring clean into the garden: the Kärcher K4 pressure washer is ideal for sprucing up patios and decking, stone walls and barbecues. We have smaller pressure washers too, plus all the tools you need to shape hedges and tidy lawns, so you’re ready to take advantage of sunny days. We even have robotic lawnmowers, so no one will draw the short straw when it comes to doing the job, as the robot does it for you.