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Charlotte McCarthy

Furnishing fabrics, John Lewis Brent Cross

Introducing innovative flooring and underlay for a greener conscience

When thinking about which type of flooring to install in your home you might naturally think of wool carpets, wooden floorboards, or stone or laminate tiling. But there are a lot more options around, some of which are remarkably better for the environment - yet still effective.



Stone or wood effect with the comfort of cork

Cork comes from the bark of the cork oak tree, which, because it’s removed by hand, does not harm the tree in any way. What’s more, new bark grows every year so it’s a renewable and sustainable resource. It’s an innovative material that brings a stunning effect to any home, whilst keeping comfort to a maximum and heating bills to a minimum.

One of Cork’s great advantages is that it maintains an optimal floor temperature all year round. There’s no need for under floor heating or radiators constantly on; you can still have the look of stone in your room, yet have comfort and warmth underfoot. It’s also noise absorbent - useful if you live in a flat.

There are other benefits too: its anti bacterial make-up means it’s very allergy friendly; its shock absorbing properties can relieve strain on your feet, joints, legs and back. And the honeycomb structure of cork lets it bounce back from hard impacts, which preserves the look of the flooring - and makes for a great dancefloor!

You’ll find cork flooring in our shops. It’s available in 12 colours, 7 wood and 5 stone effect - and online soon. To see how to fit both our cork flooring and click vinyl flooring watch our video.



A beautifully natural alternative to wood

Grown in the low mountain areas of Eastern China, bamboo can grow up to a metre a day, making it the fastest growing plant on earth. Because it grows so quickly bamboo can be harvested without reducing the size of the forest. Cutting the plant actually improves its growing power.

Bamboo is a grass which has wood-like characteristics, but it’s more sustainable than wood. The temperature cycles, soil chemistry, and hours of sunlight it receives, all contribute to bamboo flooring  being a durable, hard wearing material. 

You’re probably wondering what effect this has on the cute pandas of China: the answer is none. Pandas live in central China and prefer to feast on the shorter species of bamboo. Even if they did fancy trying some, there’s no leaf growth on the first 5 metres of the stem so it can’t be a snack for the panda.

Bamboo will give any of your rooms a beautiful, fresh and unique look. You’ll find 2 ranges online, with more available in our shops.

Mohawk Comfort Twist Carpet

Mohawk Comfort Twist carpet

Ultra tough yet warm and comfortable

37% of this SmartStrand carpet is made from Sorona, a renewably sourced polymer that's made in part from corn.

It has bult-in stain resistance, while its colourfast properties resist fading from sunlight. This amazingly durable carpet was once tested in the rhino enclosure of an Alabama zoo for 2 straight weeks. It turned out that not even a rhino’s daily routines could challenge its resilience: after being cleaned it was as good as new!

Opulent and warm, its available in a choice of shades. You can order it from one of our shops.

Recycled underlay

Recycled underlay

Your old carpet, benefiting your new

Underlay is an extremely important factor when it comes to buying new flooring. When investing in new carpet, comfort and life expectancy are key. Our new John Lewis Recycled Felt & Rubber underlay is made from 100% recycled material. This includes manufacturing carpet edge trims and rubber tyres, both of which have been diverted away from landfill.

To improve the look, feel and life of your flooring, underlay is a must-have. The wool rich felt layer is a good thermal insulator, it helps to keep houses warm and reduce energy loss through floors, while the rubber layer provides great compression recovery properties.

Extremely efficient and of excellent quality, our recycled underlay can be fitted under any carpet to ensure you get the most out of it. It’s available from our shops.

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