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If you're planning on buying a new fitted kitchen, there are a few things to think about.
We've listed them below with lots of ideas and information to help you along the way

Our kitchen planning services

We've been fitting kitchens since 1932, and because they're bespoke in design, yours will be unique to you. Our customisable options mean your kitchen will be a real reflection of your style, and tailored exactly to your needs and space.

Your kitchen cabinets are made by skilled craftspeople and covered by our 10-year cabinetry guarantee. And each of our kitchen installers is independently accredited by the British Institute of KBB Installation.

Have a think about your budget

After your home or a car, a new kitchen could be the most expensive purchase you'll make, and – if done well – can also add value to your property.

We understand your ideas about budget may change during the planning process, but it's a good idea to have a think about it before you come in to see us, so that we can show you appropriate products and ranges.

Think about who uses your kitchen, how it's used and what needs it should serve. This will help us guide you on how best to distribute the budget.

Have a think about your budget

Our kitchen planning services

Our kitchen planning services

When you visit us in store we'll discuss your needs and show you our ranges. If you wish to go ahead, we'll book a kitchen planner visit. They'll come to your home to take measurements and plan your kitchen there and then, so bear in mind they'll be with you for several hours – but if you've done some thinking beforehand, that saves a lot of time.The service costs £50, but it's refundable on purchase of your kitchen.

We'll work out the installation costs based on what work needs to be done, though please remember that you'll need to arrange building works separately. Once we've completed the estimate, we'll invite you to come in for a presentation to ensure our kitchen design meets your needs. Once you've accepted the estimate, we'll order your kitchen and get the ball rolling.

Details you need to think about

Kitchen style – are you looking for a modern kitchen style or a more classic or country feel?

Unit type – we can help you decide on the type (drawers, internal mechanisms etc) when we make the planning visit, but it's handy if you note down any ideas and how many drawers you need

Door colour and finish – we have a wide range to choose from, but its good to the know the colours you like and to think about the decor of your kitchen to help match the style

Handles – do you like a chrome, stainless steel or a brushed metal finish? On a contempary kitchen, you might want to consider an integrated handle design

Lighting – will you have enough light in your kitchen, or do you need under cabinet lighting included

Appliances – do you want new appliances? Will they be freestanding or integrated, and should they be electric, gas or induction?

Storage – for example you could go for pull out larders, wire racks or utensil drawers. We have lots of options to ensure you make the best use of your space

What about worktops?

What about worktops?

We have a guide on worktops that'll provide you with all the information you need

Everyday accessories

Everyday accessories

Sink – are you looking for a modern kitchen style or a more classic or country feel?

Taps – do you want a finish to match your sink? And extras like drinking or hot water taps?

Waste bin – freestanding, integrated or fitted within a cupboard. There's a large choice of recycling bins too

Water softener – ideal for hard water areas, or if you've opted for a dark granite worktop where limescale build-up is more noticeable

Hanging rails – for utensils, textiles and so on

Splashbacks – glass is the most popular, but other finishes are available