Sofa Reuse Service

Giving old sofas a new life

Did you know there are approximately 10 million items of furniture thrown away every year in the UK? It's estimated that 3 million of these could be re-used, which is why we offer a service where we collect and re-use your old sofa when you buy a new one from our shops.


We expect 85%
of returned sofas to be re-used and 15% broken down and responsibly recycled


The sofa re-use scheme, our first not for profit service, sees 'end of first life' sofas collected from your home, then re-used or recycled in conjunction with local charities, with the aim of supporting disadvantaged communities.

We've worked closely with The Furniture
Re-use Network (FRN), a national
co-ordinating body for 300 UK re-use organisations that collect a wide range of household items to pass on to people
in need.

John Lewis green van drivers will collect old sofas at the same time as delivering new ones to limit road mileage. The sofas will then be stored at our distribution centres and collected by local FRN charity partners. There are 16 local charity partners set up nationwide, helping to ensure the sofas are distributed to local people in need.

We expect 85% of returned sofas to be re-used and 15% broken down and responsibly recycled. For every old sofa we take a family in need is being helped; either by replacing a sofa that they wouldn't otherwise be able to afford or by providing employment opportunities in the communities in which we operate.

The price of this service is £44.97. Please speak to a Partner in one of our Furniture departments for more information - we're sorry that the service isn't currently available for online orders.