Creativity is one of the true treasures of childhood, and children now have more ways than ever before to express themselves. Kids don't need any help coming up with ambitious ideas of their own, but we can provide one or two tricks to ignite their imagination. Here's a guide to some of our favourites, and you can explore hundreds of engaging creative kits Children's Craft & Design here.

3-5 years

Our own children’s craft and design products are excellent starter kits for young artists, and offer a whole range of ways to express their imagination. 

The John Lewis Painting Caddy features 16 essential painting tools, including everything from brushes and rollers to stamps and inspiration sheets. For aspiring sea dogs, consider this ingenious Make Your Own Pirate Adventure Kit, for a bumper pack of craft materials to build up a scene of swashbuckling sailors at home.

The Great Extendable Colouring Book offers a fun and failsafe contingency plan for rainy weekends or delayed journeys, with seven extendible pages of enchanting illustrations waiting to be brought to life.

Once they’ve had a little practice, the excellent H2-Whoa! Magic Drawing Board will be the perfect companion for their art projects. Simply fill up the four supplied pens with water and let their imagination flourish as the pen marks the surface. The magical fabric on this innovative board means that as their painting dries it begins to fade, just in time for their next doodle masterpiece.

John Lewis Make Your Own Pirate Adventure Kit
9-12 years

We also have an extensive collection of haberdashery sets for children including sewing patterns, how-to guides and soft toy kits. Older children will be challenged by the intriguing complexity of needlecraft and will enjoy the results.

For future fashionistas, the Seedling Fashion Designer Kit has everything they need to conjure up their own creative couture. Inside there’s a posable mannequin to show off their designs, and an extensive set of fabrics, templates, pencils, needles and cotton.

If you’re the proud parent of a child within this age group, you can’t fail to have noticed the runaway success of the hugely popular Minecraft franchise. Now the block-building game offers real-world fun with the Minecraft Overworld Deluxe Paper Craft Pack. It contains a bumper set of building blocks to recreate awesome characters and scenes from the game.

Sew Your Own Decoration Kit, Elephant
Painting caddy
6-8 years

When it comes to colour, Crayola is king, and these incredible creative gadgets are perfect for aspiring artists who are looking for something a little more innovative. The Crayola Marker Maker lets slightly older artists make their own felt-tips in an incredible range of colours – simply mix the inks to find your favourite hue and take away a completely unique set of Crayola felt-tips. Crayola’s Doodle Dotty – the scribbly scrawly creepy crawly – dances across the page to draw a dizzying range of pretty patterns for kids to colour in and keep.

 Another long-established children’s craft brand is Galt, which offers original and inventive craft kits for a range of ages. Creative pioneers in this age group will love Galt’s introductions to pottery or papier-mâché, while the Galt Glitter Studio is packed with over 100 pieces to design and create a uniquely sparkly collection of artwork.

Galt Instant Papier Mache Kit
Minecraft Overworld Deluxe Paper Craft Pack
13 years and over

Ambition only grows as they get older, and we also cater for crafty teenagers. Our hugely popular Paper And String range offers step-by-step guides to sewing everything from Christmas decorations and fashion accessories to soft toys and bunting. Each kit includes all the materials they need for each design, so there’s no need to spend hours trying to track down the right equipment.

Sock Creatures also have an enchanting range of adorable sew-your-own soft toys, perfect for those who have sewing experience. The ready-to-go craft kits in bright colours and cute designs present an enjoyable challenge and rewarding results.