How to make Christmas bunting

Gaye Bocock

Home Design Advisor, Cambridge

what you need
  • Thin card for the template
  • 50cm of green felt (available in our shops, stock number 506 55105 £8.50pm)
  • Selection of sequins, beads and buttons in various colours and sizes (available in our shops)
  • Sequins
  • Pompom trim (available in our shops, stock number 581 10708 £4.50pm)
  • Rick- rack trim (available in our shops, stock number 581 11662 £2.95)
  • Snowflake trims (available in our shops, stock number 561 78621 £12.50)
  • 2m of ribbon 
  • Sewing thread (available in our shops, stock number 581 23186 £1.60)
  • Topstitch thread (available in our shops, stock number 581 23679 £1.60)
  • Sewing needles
  • Basic sewing kit
  • Tailors' scissors
  • Needlework scissors
How to make it
  1. Draw the stocking shape onto paper or card.
  2. Draw round the template onto the felt and cut out. Cut out as many trees as you need. I've used 7 along my ribbon.
  3. Now get creative by stitching on beads, buttons and sequins to adorn the tree. With the needle and thread, bring the needle up where you want the bead to be, slip the needle through the bead then take the needle back through the fabric. Tip: It might help you to mark the position of the decorations with a pen, so you can decorate your tree evenly.
  4. For the back of the tree, cut out a square of felt bigger than your tree shape and lay the tree on top of the backing. I've used a rectangle of 14cm x 15cm.
  5. Pin in place and then with a small running stitch using a contrast buttonhole thread, join the 2 pieces of felt together all around the shape.
  6. Carefully cut out the tree shape from the backing.
  7. Repeat with all the tree pieces.
  8. Cut the length of ribbon required and then sew the top of each tree to the ribbon, spacing them evenly.
  9. Add a star or similar decoration to the top of each tree to cover the stitching. I've cut individual pompoms from the trim and sewn them on separately.
  10. Tip: Scale your template up or down to make different size trees to decorate different areas. If using the tree for a single decoration, add a loop of ribbon or lurex thread for hanging.