How to make a christmas stocking

Gaye Bocock

Home Design Advisor, Cambridge

Here's an easy Christmas stocking to make using some of our Christmas fabric and trims.

What you need
  • Paper to make the pattern for the stocking shape.
  • 50cm of fabric for the main part. I've chosen a Christmas fabric (available in our shops, stock number 535 36110 £14.50pm)
  • 30cm of fabric for the cuff. I've chosen a plain cotton drill (available in our shops, stock number 506 04102 £11pm)
  • 50cm of iron-on interfacing (available in our shops, stock number 506 32301 £4.95pm)
  • Rick-rack trim (available in our shops, stock number 581 11662 £2.95)
  • 50cm of Pompom trim (available in our shops, stock number 581 10708 £4.50pm)
  • Ribbon selection
  • Sewing thread (available in our shops, stock number 581 23186 £1.60)
  • Basic sewing kit
  • Scissors
What you need
  1. Make the template from a scaled drawing or draw it free hand on to paper and cut it out. I've made my stocking to the following measurements:

         Width across top of the stocking = 22cm
         Length from the top of the stocking to the toe = 42cm
         Length from top of the stocking to the heel = 35cm
         Width across bottom of the stocking from back
         of heel to toe = 25cm
  2. Place the template onto the fabric making sure the grain line is parallel with the edge of the fabric.
  3. Pin in place and cut out. You will need 2 pieces.
  4. Repeat the same way with the iron-on interfacing.
  5. Iron on the interfacing to the reverse side of each stocking piece.
  6. Place the 2 pieces together with the interfacing side uppermost and matching the shape all around.
  7. Beginning and ending at the top, pin and machine a 1cm seam around the stocking leaving the top edges open.
  8. Clip the curve of the toe and heel by cutting small wedges out of the seam allowance, cutting close to the seam line but not cutting into it. By doing this you will have a less bulky and neater curve when you turn the stocking to the right side.
  9. Turn right sides out and press along the seam line.
  10. Now cut out a piece 24cm high x 43cm wide in the contrast fabric for the cuff.
  11. For the cuff, fold the fabric over so the short sides meet and the reverse side of fabric is uppermost.
  12. Pin and machine stitch a 1cm seam down this edge.
  13. Press seam open.
  14. Fold cuff in half so the raw edges meet and the seam is enclosed. You will now have a ring.
  15. Press along the folded edge.
  16. Decorate the cuff. I have used a pompom trim and rick- rack. There are many options.
  17. Push the cuff inside the top of the stocking with the decorated side against the wrong side of the stocking. Match the raw edges of the cuff to the raw edges of the stocking. Also line up the seam of the cuff against the back seam of the stocking so they are neatly positioned. Machine stitch in to place.
  18. Press your newly created seam at the top of the stocking.
  19. Fold over the cuff to the right side, gently smoothing it over the top of your stocking.
  20. Cut a length of ribbon and fold in half. Pin and hand stitch in place on the inside back seam of the stocking.
  21. Tips: - Enlarge or decrease the size of the pattern using a photocopier. Personalise your stocking by embroidering a name on it. Make some small stockings as tree ornaments.