How to feel content in 2013

Jo Moore

Content Producer, Menswear and Sports,

If you're looking to turn over a new leaf this year, there aren't many better ways to do it than channelling your mind and body into yoga .

The literal meaning of the Sanskrit word yoga is "to unite". Originating in ancient India, its purpose is to connect your mind, body and soul, which is achieved by performing a series of poses or postures.

The benefits of this venerable exercise are numerous: it can help fight stiffness and loss of bone density as well as increase your flexibility and help with weight loss.

There are several different disciplines of yoga, each with its own method and philosophy. The clothing you'll need will depend on which you've chosen, but fundamentally, your outfit should be free from distractions and permit you to move unrestrictedly. A typical outfit consists of a fitted top, trousers or leggings and a loose layering top.

The most commonly practised yoga disciplines are: