Choosing an energy-efficient TV


Martin Kearney

Website Copy Producer, EHT

Now you can buy A-rated TVs too

Energy consumption matters, not only does it make a difference to our energy bills, it affects the environment too.

Choosing the right TV, although fun, can be quite daunting. Finding the perfect screen size, sharpest picture or best audio can take up a lot of time. Combine all this with trying to choose a TV that's energy efficient and it can all become a bit confusing.

That's probably why many of us don't spend long thinking about how much energy our new TV needs to run. So, we've taken the guesswork out of energy ratings and power consumption with this handy guide - letting you make an energy-smart decision every time.

Easy as A, B, C…

TVs will now carry 'A to G' labels that rate their energy efficiency - just like those already seen on fridges and dishwashers. A-rated TVs or B-rated sets use less energy than similar televisions with a D rating. Some sets even have A+ ratings.

Choosing the right screen size

Naturally, TVs with larger screen sizes tend to use more energy, so the rating system puts them in order of efficiency to size. This means that an A rated 60" TV could actually cost more to run than a smaller B rated 42" TV (see table below). If saving energy is the most important thing to you, then choosing a smaller TV can be just as important as choosing one with a good energy rating.

Typical television running costs of energy efficiency rating by screen size




Running costs assume the TV is on for 1,742 hrs a year and in standby mode for 4,211 hours with a standby consumption of 0.4 watts with an electricity tariff of 14.51p / kWh.

Recommended energy saving TVs

To ensure you're choosing a more energy efficient TV - whatever the size - look out for the energy saving trust recommended label. This is given only to TVs with a rating of B or better that use 50W of energy or less when switched on. This also means that the TV has low energy standby and passive modes, and that it meets regulations to minimise waste and pollutants used during manufacture.

Our top picks

Loewe Connect TVs. Ready to go with 3D Full HD and an integrated hard drive? The Loewe Connect is the perfect choice for home theatre aficionados.

Panasonic Viera TVs. The combination of a sharp LED screen, built-in Freeview HD and great A+ energy efficiency make these superior all-rounders for the living room or bedroom.

Philips PFL TVs. Ultra slim TVs, rated A+ for energy efficiency. Through DLNA you can share photos, music, videos and films using a smartphone, tablet or PC and enjoy them on the big screen.

This feature has been produced with advice from the Energy Saving Trust.