Samsung Smart TV video demonstration: smarten up


Perfect for this sporting summer

In a year where we've basked in record-breaking achievements in sport, Samsung continues to be one of the the pace-setters in the TV market. Their track record in design has undoubtedly been podium-topping for some years, and in technology they were first across the line in launching 3D in 2010. In 2012 they've launched a new breed of smart TVs, and the new ES8000 range is arguably more interactive than a Greco-Roman wrestler.

Plenty of sports fans have been seen to talk to their TV when desperate to see their team score, but in this case this TV actually responds. Though it's not quite clever enough to swing the match your way, the voice control feature means that if the remote's slipped down the back of the sofa, or you've got your hands full with a takeaway pizza, you can still change channels and carry out a host of other functions.

If talking to your TV wasn't enough, these latest Samsung models also respond to gesture control - although not. I hasten to add, the sort that might come to mind during an England vs Germany match.

Just like a talented decathlete, these TVs excel in a multitude of features. In these videos, our Partners show you how to make the most of your smart TV - and even how to make your existing TV into a smart TV.

Certain features within Smart Interaction may require internet access. Smart Interaction may not be available in all languages or dialects, and some regional accents may not be recognised. In-store demonstration prior to purchase is recommended. Actual performance of Smart Interaction will vary depending on light levels and background noise. Smart Content requires internet access and may not be available in all languages and regions. Available on Samsung SMART TV 7 & 8 Series LED and 8 Series Plasma models only.