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Intel Processors Explained

Get more out of your device with Intel Inside®

With Intel® Inside® you'll be able to enjoy responsive, intuitive and reliable experience with a variety of features to help get the most out of your machine.

Choose the Intel® Processor thats right for you

Checking mail, web browsing and apps
Listening to music and creating playlists
Watching movies and web videos
Light, gaming, handling day-to-day tasks
Multi-player and intense gaming
Creating and sharing HD videos

5th Generation Intel® Core™

The latest generation of Intel® Core™ processors cantransform the way you compute. They have the power to understand your motions,recognise your face and respond to your voice, giving you new ways to interactwith your PC. You can watch the latest movies in 4K. Experience exceptionallysmooth, seamless video chats with friends. Enjoy amazing battery life thatkeeps you productive on the go so that you don’t have to worry aboutrecharging. That's serious processing. Only with Intel Inside®.


Intel®  Core™ i3 processors are ideal for quick and reliable home computing, delivering smooth visuals, great battery life and built-in security features. 

With Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology, you’ll be able to multitask between multiple applications with ease.

  • Lifelike 3D gaming and movies with ultra-sharp HD graphics
  • Effortlessly multi-task between multiple applications
  • Automatically updates email and social media networks even in sleep mode 
  • Optimised for longer battery life


Intel® Core™ i5 processors raise the bar, providing fast and responsive performance for everyday use with stunning visuals and built-in security. 

With Intel® Turbo Boost Technology, your device will automatically inject a burst of speed when you need it.

  • Get extra speed when needed with Intel Turbo Boost Technology 2.0
  • Enjoy lifelike 3D gaming and movies with ultra-sharp HD graphics
  • Boot up quicker and resume from sleep in seconds with Intel® Rapid Start Technology
  • Optimised for longer battery life


Intel® Core™ i7 processors provide significant performance enhancements, including superior graphics, battery life and security for an outstanding computing experience. 

  • Intel® Core™ i7 devices deliver top-of-the-line performance for your most demanding tasks.
  • Get extra speed when needed with Intel Turbo Boost Technology 2.0
  • Enjoy lifelike 3D gaming and movies with ultra-sharp HD graphics
  • Effortlessly multi-task between multiple  applications
  • Boot up quicker and resume from sleep in seconds with Intel Rapid Start Technology

Intel® Core™ M processor

Intel® Core™ processors make it easier for you to carry one device instead of two. They combine blazing-fast speed with exceptional energy efficiency to allow for ultra mobile, super quiet fanless devices with long battery lives so you can take them everywhere with you.


Intel® Celeron® processors include integrated graphics and offer reliable PC performance for entry-level tasks such as web browsing, social networking and HD video playback.

  • Dependable power for smooth-running apps, email and web browsing
  • Quick start up times for less waiting and more doing
  • Crystal-clear HD movies and web videos
  • Optimised for longer battery life


Intel® Pentium® processors supply brilliant PC performance with integrated graphics, making them ideal for web browsing, creating documents, HD video playback and keeping in touch with friends and family.

  • Reliable power for smooth-running apps and light gaming
  • Crystal-clear HD movies and web videos with Intel HD graphics
  • Effortlessly multi-task between multiple applications
  • Optimised for longer battery life


Intel® Atom® processors are compact and efficient in order to enable long battery lives, lightning-fast web browsing and app loading in tablets and smartphones.

  • Lightning-fast, reliable performance
  • Intel HD graphics for crystal-clear visuals and videos
  • Smooth-running apps, games, music and HD movies
  • Long-lasting battery life for work and play on the go

Intel® Graphics

Intel® computer processors feature integrated Intel® HD and Intel® Iris™ graphics chips, delivering vibrant visuals with no extra graphics card required

Intel® HD Graphics

Intel® HD graphics help you do everyday tasks with more clarity. Watch your favourite HD videos with exceptional clarity, view and edit your photos with ease and enjoy immersive graphics in games

Intel® Iris™ Graphics

4th generation Intel® Core™ processors with Intel® Iris™ graphics deliver an eye-popping visual experience. Get immersed in high-speed 3D gaming, do advanced photo and video editing quickly and easily and enjoy movies in gorgeous HD and brilliant 4K Ultra HD