John Lewis & Partners JLBIUCFZ03 Integrated Under Counter Freezer, 60cm Wide, White

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John Lewis & Partners JLBIUCFZ03 Integrated Under Counter Freezer, 60cm Wide, White

3 year guarantee included
3 year guarantee included

The size of the space needed for the appliance to fit

H82 x W60 x D55cm

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If you prefer the minimalist look in your kitchen, an integrated freezer is a great choice. Neatly hidden by your kitchen cabinetry, you can keep your frozen goods close by but out of sight. We've cleverly designed this particular model with functional storage for all your frozen favourites, and a reversible door too; so you can adapt it to the space you've created.

Capacity & Storage
This freezer offers 85L of capacity and full-width drawers; handy if you want to stay organised and keep meat, fish and veg separate from one another. And don't worry about having to dig around to find the ice cream after dinner; the transparent make locating groceries easy.

Frost free design saves you work & energy
Frost-free technology stops ice from forming inside your freezer. It uses a fan to keep the cool air constantly moving around so nothing ever gets a chance to stick. So, you’ll never have battle through ice to get the last of those frozen chips.

Fast Freeze protects frozen loads
Fast freeze is ideal for when you’ve just got back from the shop and you need to get your food straight in the freezer. This setting will rapidly lower the temperature to get your food back to the right conditions and lock in all the nutrients. So, you won’t have to worry about that ice cream melting.

Interior Lighting
Want lighting that’s evenly spread, more energy efficient and more durable? The LED lighting included in the firdge ticks all these boxes.

Reversible door hinge optimises space
Left or right opening? You decide. Make your groceries easily accessible, wherever you place this freezer in the home. With the reversible door, choose which side works best for you.

A promise from us to you
The John Lewis & Partners name is always an assurance of reliable quality, great design and absolute value. Incorporating the latest engineering features and electronic systems, our appliances are thoughtfully and stylishly conceived to meet all the demands of the contemporary home. There’s also a 3-year guarantee, backed by our very special reputation for excellent service.