John Lewis & Partners JLBIWM1404 Integrated Washing Machine, 7kg Load, 1400rpm Spin, White

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John Lewis & Partners JLBIWM1404 Integrated Washing Machine, 7kg Load, 1400rpm Spin, White

Save £100 (price includes saving)
  • 3 year guarantee included
  • 3 year guarantee included


H82 x W59.6 x D56cm

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Auto dose
Automatic load adjustment
Average annual energy cost
John Lewis & Partners
Cable length (m)
Child lock
Country of origin
Cycle duration at rated capacity for the washing cycle
200 minutes
Delay start
Yes - up to 24 hours
Delicate wash
Digital display
H82 x W59.6 x D56cm
Energy consumption- washing and spinning
Energy rating - overall
3 year guarantee included
Hand wash
Home appliance features
Delicate Wash, Digital Display, Hand Wash, Slim Depth, Time Remaining Indicator, Timer Delay, Wool Programme
Installation required
Load capacity
Manufacturer Part Number (MPN)
Maximum spin speed
Minimum spin speed
Model name / number
Noise level rating
Noise level- spin cycle
Noise level- wash cycle
Number of programs/settings
Overflow protection
Product code
Program sequence indicator
Quick wash
Quiet mark
Not Accredited
Slim depth
Smart technology
Not Smart Technology Enabled
Spin performance
Time remaining indicator
Variable temperature control
Water supply (fill type)
Cold fill
Weighted energy consumption per 100 cycles for washing cycle
88 kWh
Weighted water consumption for the washing cycle
Wool programme
We know how much your clothes mean to you. That's why we've thoughtfully designed this washing machine with both efficiency and convenience in mind, for quick, hassle-free laundry. Featuring clever automatic load adjustment, stain remover technology, a wool wash option and a handy 14-minute cycle, there's no stain too stubborn, not garment too delicate, that this appliance won't be able to handle.

Integrated design
This integrated washing machine hides under your kitchen counters behind a cabinet door. It's a great choice if you like that modern, clean look, or if you only want to see the washing machine when you have to do the laundry.

1400rpm spin speed
Spin speed refers to how quickly the drum can rotate in order to remove excess water out of clothes. The 1400rpm on this machine makes it ideal for doing everyday laundry, drying tees and shirts just enough so that clothes don't come out dripping wet whilst still ensuring not to damage the fabric.

Automatic load adjustment
Cleverly weighing each load automatically to provide a tailored cycle, the sensors in this washing machine adjust programme times precisely, ensuring optimum treatment for every garment. Your laundry comes out with that fresh, new feeling every time, plus you save water and energy.

Extra Soft helps clothes feel fresh for longer
Ideal if want to prolong the life of your favourite tee, our Extra Soft technology helps your clothes feel softer, silkier, and smoother than ever before. With pre-soaking and even distribution, every fibre is reached so every item of clothing feels and smells fresher for longer.

Digital display
Smart and stylish, the digital display shows how long your cycle has left, and the progress of the timer delay, making planning your cycle much simpler.

Quick Wash Cleans clothes in Under 14 Minutes
It's Sunday night and you've just realised you forgot to wash the little one's school uniform. No worries: the quick wash option has you covered. Cleaning clothes in under 14 minutes, the high-speed spin shortens drying times to ensure you'll never be short on a shirt or skirt.

Delicates Programme
The pain of hand washing your favourite blouse is over. Ideal for lingerie, lace or silk, why not take advantage of the delicate programme to keep your more treasured clothes looking at their best. It's low temperature and minimal drum rotation keeps garments from being damaged, and prevents stretching and ripping of fabric.

Wool friendly washing
Who said washing your favourite knit had to be a pain? We've saved you any time and hassle you would've spent cleaning it by including a special wool programme with this machine. Winter just got that little bit easier.

Timer delay function
Want to keep your laundry smelling at its freshest? Use the time delay option to ensure you're not leaving your favourite tees and jeans damp in the washing machine for hours on end. It'll liberate your schedule and also let you take advantage of off-peak electricity rates.

A promise from us to you
The John Lewis & Partners name is always an assurance of reliable quality, great design and absolute value. Incorporating the latest engineering features and electronic systems, our appliances are thoughtfully and stylishly conceived to meet all the demands of the contemporary kitchen. There’s also a 3-year guarantee, backed by our very special reputation for excellent service.