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KitchenAid KMQCX45600 Built-in Multifunction Microwave Oven, Stainless Steel



H46cm x W60cm x D56cm

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With a medium-sized 40-litre capacity, the KitchenAid KMQCX45600 built-in multifunction microwave oven combines a microwave with a fan oven and a grill. And if that sounds complicated, it has automatic programmes that make it simple to use. In one compact unit, this oven delivers more than a dozen cooking functions, ranging from steam cooking and dough rising to slow cooking and ultra-fast defrost.

Sensor technology makes microwave cooking straightforward. You just place your dish in the oven, select the type of food you wish to cook from the menu and the system guides you through the cooking process from start to finish. The control system automatically adjusts the power and the cooking time to cook your dishes perfectly.

Patented technology enables this oven to deliver prefect, even and fast microwave cooking every time. It offers 15 programmes ranging from fast defrost to steam cooking. By using a steam accessory, you can create steam that cooks your food healthily and naturally, without using any microwaves.

Crisp and juicy
KitchenAid's crisp system enables you to use this oven to cook just like in a conventional oven or on a hob but much, much faster. Thanks to a combination of the microwave and the grill with a special crisp plate. The result is perfectly cooked food that's crisp on the outside and juicy on the inside.

More benefits
This microwave offers 15 programmes, including assisted modes as well as automatic programmes and even a keep warm setting. It has an LCD display, easy clean stainless steel interior, a 40cm diameter turntable, child safety lock, baking tray and a steamer accessory.

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