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Neff G4344XFF0G Integrated Freezer, A+ Energy Rating, 60cm Wide, White

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H82 x W59.8 x D54.8cm

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Boasting an A+ energy rating, the Neff G4344XFF0G N 50 freezer is an integrated unit that can fit under your counter. A reversible door makes it adaptable to your kitchen layout, and fixed hinging aligns it precisely with furniture. And as it's integrated, this freezer will blend all the more seamlessly into your kitchen.

The G4344XFF0G offers a handy SuperFreeze function: this rapidly freezes food to retain freshness and ensures food already stored is kept at a consistent temperature.

A generous 98-litre capacity gives you plenty of storage space with three transparent freezer drawers. An alarm keeps you informed of high temperatures or if the door has been left open.

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