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Neff KI1812S30G Integrated Fridge, A++ Energy Rating, 54.1cm Wide



H177.2cm x W54.1cm x D54.5cm

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Energy efficient, colossal in size and sleek in design, the KI1812S30G Integrated Fridge from Neff boosts productivity in your lifestyle. Complete with bright LED lighting, fresh and consistent air circulation, and a sliding hinge for effortless control, this fridge makes life in the kitchen much simpler.

An intelligent sensor system keeps your food fresher, retaining its nutritional value and flavour thanks to FreshSense. Distributing a constant cool temperature throughout the appliance, FreshSense is able to recognise the required temperature to optimise the freshness of your food whilst maintaining these levels at all times.

Loading the fridge with new food can cause fluctuations in temperature and make the rest of the food warmer. Activating SuperCool reduces the temperature to prevent the food inside warming up and quickly cools new food.

Large Capacity
Complete with seven glass safe shelves, of which six are adjustable, you will find more than enough space to store all of your weekly shopping with enough circulation to help maintain their longevity.

Sitting at the bottom of the fridge are two cooler drawers perfect for your fruit, vegetables and salad packs. The cooler temperatures and the rippled base ensure that air circulation is improved for the nutrients and flavour to remain in the food for much longer.

Energy Efficient
The efficiency of the KI1812S30G ensures that you can maintain low energy bills and low energy consumption thanks to the A++ Energy Efficient Rating.

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