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Nike Varsity Duffle Bag, Purple

Nike Varsity Duffle Bag, Purple

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H18 X W13 X D6 inches
Suitcase Size
One Size

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Now a global super brand, Nike started from humble beginnings in 1950s America. A college track coach named Bill Bowerman, and an athlete named Phil Knight, combined their skills and knowledge to bring innovation to the world of running shoes.

One of these innovations was inspired by Bill Bowerman’s waffle iron. Bowerman realised that by creating gridded grip on the soles of their shoes, the shoe would have greater traction yet still propel the runner forward.

From the start, Nike recognised the significant correlation between equipment and performance. They carry this guiding principle through all of their products, whether that’s the football kit for the Brazilian national team, golfing gear for Tiger Woods or your running shoes.

The brand continues to seek new and innovative ways to develop superior athletic products; this can be seen in the technology worked into improving your running experience with Nike+ products.

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