Withings / Nokia Steel HR Activity Tracking Watch, 36mm

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Withings / Nokia Steel HR Activity Tracking Watch, 36mm, Black/Black

Withings / Nokia Steel HR Activity Tracking Watch, 36mm, Black/Black


Product description

Product code: 85923024

Nokia Steel HR lets you monitor your heart rate day and night, helping you establish your overall health when you're awake and asleep. Styled to look like an elegant watch and built to automatically track your activities, allowing you to walk, run, swim and sleep uninterrupted by syncing it to the Health Mate® app.

Instant recognition
Steel HR not only automatically tracks walking, running, swimming and sleeping patterns, but also when you're playing ping-pong and volleyball. So if you go for a jog, Steel HR will recognise the surge in intensity and log it as 'running'. It will also detect when you're asleep and then keep track of light and dark sleep cycles, how often you wake at night and the total duration of sleep, so you can analyse your patterns and get a better night's rest.

HR monitoring
On the face of the Steel HR there's a digital screen on which you can quickly see your heart rate, so you know when you're exercising in the 'zone' to ensure you get the most out of your workouts. Your HR will be recorded on the in-app report whenever you have the tracker watch on, giving you a holistic view of your heart's health when you're at your desk, in the gym or asleep in bed.

Digital screen and activity hand
On top of showing your HR the digital screen also displays the number of steps taken; distance covered; calories burned; set alarm time; and smartphone alerts - calls, texts and calendar alerts. The activity hand is located at the base of the face and moves from 0% to 100% to indicate how close you are to reaching your daily goals. You can leave it on the default daily setting - 10,000 steps - or alter it in the app for a more personalised goal.

Healthy competition
The Health Mate app works with iOS 8 (or higher) and Android 6.0 (or higher) and doesn't just track your fitness, but rewards achievements, offers advice and lets you challenge friends for added motivation. It includes Activity Badges, a Leaderboard, Healthy Reminders and Activity Insights to help get everyone going.

Time keeping
Steel HR syncs with your smartphone's clock to automatically update the time, ensuring it's always up to date, even when you travel between different time zones. A built-in silent alarm can gently wake you up through gentle vibrations, helping you start the day feeling refreshed.

Please note: You'll always need to have the latest version of the Health Mate app to have access to the latest features available.

Nokia Health is now Withings
Same products, same team, same commitment to your health. For more information, please contact Withings support.

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Product specification
Battery life
Up to 25 days
Withings / Nokia
Compatible with
iOS 7 or later: iPhone (4s or more recent), iPod touch (5th generation and more recent) or iPad (3rd generation or more recent) Android 4.3 or later with Bluetooth Low Energy
Automatic or self-winding
Heart Rate monitor
Sensors & Trackers
Accelerometer, Motion
Strap Colour
Strap Material
Strap Style
Watch Face Colour
Watch Type
Wi-Fi only