Thoughtfully Designed For You

Thoughtfully designed for you

Thoughtfully designed for you

Sarah Wilkinson

Website Copy Producer, EHT

4 March 2015

Whether you're looking to splurge on a wine cooling fridge, or commit to a multi-function oven, we've been busy ticking all of the boxes. Our wide range of own brand appliances not only provide initial solutions, but also long-term reliability. Whatever your lifestyle, we're here to help you make an informed decision, so the running of your home is as easy and efficient as possible.

Since April 2011, we've become more environmentally responsible, offering a full range of large electrical appliances rated A and above for energy to help you save on running costs.

John Lewis JLWD1612 Washer Dryer

John Lewis Washer Dryers

If you're always busy, you'll appreciate our JLWD1612 washer dryer with a super-fast 20 minute cycle and Steam Refresh programme, designed to freshen up hardly-worn clothes. A large 8kg wash capacity and 6kg drying load are complimented by Sensor Drying, designed to automatically stop the machine once you're garments are dry. Not only that, the durable inverter motor is almost silent, so you can make the most of lower energy costs at off-peak times.

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John Lewis JLDWW1203 Dishwasher

John Lewis Dishwashers

Do you hate washing up at the end of a relaxing meal? With enough room for 15 place settings, you can get everything in the JLDWW1223 dishwasher without having to go anywhere near the marigolds. An automatic wash cycle takes the guess work out of programme selection, cleverly assessing the size of the load and level of dirt. Easy does it!

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John Lewis Cookers

Aspiring cooks need look no further than our JLFSEC612 induction cooker, offering 8 cook settings for a delicious Sunday roast, or quick and easy dishes after work. Don't worry about making a mess either, as the catalytic lining will take care of that. If you're cooking in a rush, the fast-heating induction hob will come in handy - we've even illuminated the controls for efficient use and easy cleaning.

For the more devoted cook, check out our JLBIOS618 single oven, with soft-close doors and illuminated controls. Along with 19 functions, this model provides 25% steam to create the perfect cake, or a healthy piece of fish. A pyrolytic setting heats the inside of the oven to 500°C, simply burning off any grease and dried-up food.

Induction cooking bridges the gap, (quite literally) between catering for more people and not having enough room to do so. With 4 powerful burners, the super-sleek JLBIIH605 double bridge induction hob lets you use two hobs as one. Automatic heat means you can start cooking straight away, while a timer setting will let you know when your food is ready. Safety is taken care of with an electronic lock and automatic switch-off functions.

John Lewis JLBIIH605 Induction Hob
John Lewis JLBIOS618 Electric Multifunction Oven
John Lewis JLFSEC612 Induction Hob Electric Cooker
John Lewis JLDMFF001 Fridge Freezer

John Lewis Fridge Freezers

Never manually defrost again with the frost-free JLDMFF001 wine cooler fridge freezer. Wine? I hear you cry. Yes, this model has a 39 bottle capacity with UV protected glass, so your favourite tipple will always be ready for drinking. Super cooling air circulation keeps food fresher for longer, while a multi-function LCD panel puts you in full control.

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