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Built-in Cooking
Built-in Cooking

The vital ingredient in the kitchen.
The Hotpoint cooking range offers
the right appliance for you

Touch control at your fingertips

The Ultimate in stylish technology on our Newstyle oven, is easy to use and puts you in total control.

Cook and Grill at the same time

Or use the flexibility of two seperate ovens to cook different dishes at different temperatures.

Full heat in only 15 seconds

The Solar plus twin grill is not 20% more efficient than a conventional grill, you can use all or half of it to suit what you arer grilling.

Triple ring wok burner

The art of stir frying is in the power and heat of the wok burner. This innovative triple ring optimises the power of the gas and allowes quick and uniform heat.

Maximise your hob size for complete flexibility

75cm wide, but fits in a standard 60cm hob space. With 5 burners for complete cooking flexibility, from a cafetiere to a large wok.

Cook a range of dishes at the same time

Our gas ovens have a range of different temperature zones.

Precision timing

With an electronic programmble timer, lets you set your cooking times to put you in control.

More cooking and less cleaning

With our stay clean catalyic oven liners, which break down fat and grease spills.