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Tumble Dryers
Tumble Dryers

Hotpoint tumble dryers match the design of our washing machines for a completely co-ordinated look for your kitchen

Anti ageing for your clothes

An innovative wave design drum which creates cushions of air which gently embrace your laundry, keeping the natural beauty and colour of your clothes.

Eco Tech - High performance, low energy

Uses 40% less energy than an A rated model due to new heat pump technology.

Extra large capacity = 9kg

Perfect for your family, meaning fewer loads to dry without compromising performance.

Superior drying for every kind of fabric

allows you to easily create and store custom drying programs for every kind of fabric, providing superior drying results, while saving time and money.

Protects your clothes and saves energy

Because every load is different, our sensors precisely monitor the temperature and moisture inside the drum, automatically switching off when they reach your chosen level of dryness.

Better Drying Performance

Dual motion intermittently reverses the drum rotation helping to prevent tangling for a better and more even drying performance,and the cool tumble function prevents over drying and damage to garments.

Powerful anti-allergy action

Removes all major allergens certified by the British Allergy Foundation.