Wear The Shoes. Rule The World.™

(Or at least feel like you can.)

There's a reason people feel unstoppable when they wear FitFlop footwear.

All of our sandals, sneakers, slides, and clogs are engineered with our biomechanically optimized triple-density midsole technologies:

The first is our patent-pending original MICROWOBBLEBOARD™, which has been proven to help activate certain leg muscles more, reduce stepping pressure and diffuse under heel hotspots, and to attenuate shock when you walk.

The next, debuting this season, is our new ultra-slim BIOMIMETIX™ midsole, which hides discreetly underfoot and offers fantastic ergonomics in a fashionable range of 'flats' - sneakers, low cut loafers and slingback sandals.

Our Story

Our first FitFlop™ sandal was sold in 2007, after Dr David Cook and Darren James – expert biomechanists at London South Bank University – collaborated with Marcia Kilgore (an entrepreneur and multi-tasking mum) to create the world's first muscle-activating flip flop.

Built with simple sporty upper straps and an ergonomically engineered Microwobbleboard™ midsole, the concept was a phenomenal – and global - success.

So when fans began to send feedback detailing how 'fantastic' FitFlop sandals made them feel (subsequent research at Salford University in Manchester uncovered our MicrowobbleboardTM technology could not only activate certain leg muscles more, but had remarkable underfoot pressure diffusing and shock attenuating properties), Kilgore decided to take the technology and weave it into a full multi-occasion footwear collection.

Now boasting two patent-pending technologies: Microwobbleboard and BiomimetixTM midsoles, our goal is to create fun, energizing, beautiful shoes that - when you wear them - make you feel like you've got the world at your feet.

Our Microwobbleboard™ Technology

Studies conducted by expert biomechanists at the The Centre for Human Performance at London South Bank University and at Salford University show that FitFlop's triple density Microwobbleboard technology* can activate certain leg muscles more, reduce underfoot pressure, and attenuate shock when you walk.

Relief You Can Wear On Your Feet™

Results of a twenty-person study conducted by Salford University – comparing a foot in a FitFlop sandal to a foot wearing a control shoe – showed average reductions in the overall pressure-loading rate* (-25%) pressure in the toes (-30%) and pressure in the heels (-15%). An average 8% increase in contact area between the foot and the midsole was observed in FitFlop wearers with the increase manifesting under the arch area.

*The speed at which you apply forces to the body

For full information on our research, visit our website

*Studies at Salford University were conducted over a two year period as part of a UK government-funded Knowledge Transfer Partnership. Studies at both Salford University and London South Bank University are ongoing.