Colourbox rug service - video


Design a unique rug

If you've tried and failed to find a rug to suit your colour scheme, or been unable to find something that's a little bit different, help is at hand in the form of the Colourbox service, which allows you to transform best-selling rug designs into your own colours.

Watch the short video to find out how it works.

What is Colourbox?

The Colourbox service allows you to create a truly original rug woven to match your own colour scheme. You can become a designer for the day, and choose from over 70 of our bestselling designs, specifying the exact colour palette used for each part of it.




How does it work?

Visit one of our shops to discuss your ideas with one of our product experts, who will use unique software to allow you to amend and preview your chosen design before it's made up. 

As part of the Colourbox service, our supplier will contact you directly with a reference number, artwork and colour tuft, working with you to perfect the design. The standard service allows you up to 3 artworks and 8 colour tufts per artwork, after which we charge £25 for each additional artwork produced. Colour matching is available if your can't find exactly the right shade from the 140 standard colours on offer.

When you are 100% happy and have given us a signed copy of the artwork letter, production will proceed. Your unique, handmade rug will take around 10 weeks to arrive from the date the order is placed.

Are there other bespoke options?

Alternatively, if you've seen one of our own branded John Lewis rugs but want a specific custom size, ourselling Partners may be able to arrange this.

Finally, we offer a premium bespoke service, where our suppliers can transform a fabric swatch, picture or photo into a unique handmade rug. Owing to copyright laws, you'll need to provide proof of ownership of any artwork that you wish to use prior to the artworks being made.