Custom-made metal & acrylic poles


Metal and acrylic curtain poles offer you a more contemporary look for your window dressing, and, as with wood, you have many finishes to choose from, if the ready-made selection available online or in our shops doesn't quite meet your needs. We also offer metal poles made specially for you in just 7 days - buy online here.

Just visit our shops to take a look at displays and samples from our poles suppliers. Find out more about wooden poles, or if you prefer tracks for your windows, take a look at our custom-made offer. And if you need help to measure and fit curtain poles, take a look at our video guides.

The Bradley Collection

Bradley's poles have been hand made by craftsmen in the UK for 20 years. Size options range from 19mm to 50mm, with standard finish options including traditional polished or slick stainless steel or fashionable metallic colours.

The standard finishes are complemented by a new Colour Selector service, that allows you to choose from over 200 bespoke colours and finishes.


Silent Gliss

Silent Gliss offers a measure-and-fit or a measure-only service, carried out by expert estimators and fitters. We recommend you use this service if you have awkward or bay windows, as measurements and angles need to be absolutely accurate.

Alternatively, you can bring in your own measurements, and we'll discuss dimensions, location and suitability of poles and maximum curtain weights before ordering for you.

Silent Gliss also offer the innovative Metropole (see right), the perfect solution if your curtains need to go on a track, but you prefer the look of a pole. We also offer Silent Gliss custom-made curtain tracks.

Silent Gliss pole sizes

Round poles are available in diameters of 23, 30 or 50mm. Silent Gliss also offers a contemporary flat profile with a depth of 36mm.

Pole operation

Silent Gliss 23mm diameter poles and the Metroflat profile are both hand-operated. The 30mm and 50mm poles are available as hand or cord-operated, and 50mm poles can be electrically operated.

Silent Gliss pole finishes

Metropole is available in a total of 13 finishes, a range covering traditional wood and contemporary metallic finishes. Not all colours are available in all sizes, so please check details at your local John Lewis.

Black - 23, 30, 36, 50mm

Classic Gold - 30mm

Mahogany - 30 and 50mm

White - 23, 30 and 50mm

Diva Gold - 30 and 50mm

Oak - 30 and 50mm

Cream - 30mm

Gunmetal - 23, 30 and 36mm

Beech - 30mm

Silver - 23, 30, 36, 50mm

Bronze - 30mm

Chrome - 23, 30 and 36

Steel Grey - 30mm

Silent Gliss pole styles

Not all colours are available in all styles, so please check details at your local John Lewis.