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What to consider

A worktop is the workhorse in your kitchen, so choosing the right one is really important. Our worktops are available in a wide range of finishes and thicknesses. Each surface has unique properties, with differing levels of water, wear and heat-resistance. They all come with a guarantee, which varies depending on type.

Specialist worktops need to be templated, so can only be measured for their fitting once your kitchen units are in place. Non-specialist ones can be measured in advance, so tend to be the quicker and cheaper options. See our table below for more information about the different types.

Worktop features and benefits

  Characteristics Heat resistance Wear resistance Templating required? Warranty
Laminate A durable, all round and affordable worktop that's easy to clean.  Available in a large range of attractive colours and finishes. Up to 180°C Does not scratch easily No 10 years
Maia A stylish and durable solid surface worktop, with seamless joins and a silky smooth finish.  Designed to have the appearance of stone at an affordable price. Available in a wide range of colours. Up to 190°C Highly durable. Scratches can be polished out No 10 years
Quartz A hardwearing and easy maintenance quartz composite.  Available in 23 colours We advise using trivets Highly resistant to chipping and scratching Yes 5 years
Corian A subtle blend of natural minerals and clear acrylic, Corian can be moulded and bent to give a seamless finish.  Comes in over 40 colours. We advise using trivets Highly durable. Scratches can be removed using light abrasion Yes 10 years
Minerva An easy to clean, pre-fabricated 25mm acrylic worktop with imperceptible joints. Available in a range of attractive neutral colours and finishes Up to 180°C Highly durable. Stain-resistant and inpenetrable to dust, dirt and bacteria No 10 years
Glass Toughened glass available in a choice of 55 colours. Up to 400°C Highly durable. Scratches can be polished out Yes 10 years
Wood FSC-certified wood, available in 7 hardwood species and 5 finishes. We advise using trivets Supplied with an oiled finish to protect the surface No 5 years
Granite Natural granite is available in a choice of 27 colours.  Each work surface is unique with its own individual colours and markings Up to 200°C Hardwearing durable surface Yes 15 years
Bamboo Sustainably-sourced bamboo, available in 4 colours and 3 edge details Always use trivets Supplied with an oiled finish to protect the surface No 5 years
Lapitec Lapitec’s composition is 100% mineral and is similar to granite but with a tight, structure similar to porcelain Up to 250°C Highly durable, resistant to UV light, acids, alkalis, abrasion, scratches and everyday wear and tear Yes 10 years
We advise using trivets

Ordering your worktop

Ordering your worktop

You can either buy your worktop from us as part of a whole fitted kitchen project, or just on its own – it’s a great way to refresh and update your kitchen.

To buy a worktop from us, visit your local John Lewis (except Trafford and at home shops), and speak to one of our fitted kitchen Partners. They’ll offer advice and give you information on the most suitable worktop for your kitchen and lifestyle.

Once you’ve decided which worktop type, colour, and edge profile you’d like, a kitchen planner will visit your home to measure up and provide you with a quote. If you decide to go ahead, your worktop will be templated and/or installed at the earliest possible opportunity.