Luxaflex awnings

Make the most of outdoor living

With the unreliability of our climate here in the UK, an awning increases the potential time available for you to unwind and enjoy the fresh air. Luxaflex awnings keep you cool on the hottest days, but also enable you to enjoy using your patio when the weather is less than perfect, so that it becomes a proper extension to your home. Awnings also help protect carpets and soft furnishings from fading, without having to draw the curtains and lose the outdoor view, and will help to protect precious plants from drying out in really hot weather.


When you buy a Luxaflex awning, you're buying 50 years of experience in providing customers with the highest possible standards of service, fitting and after sales support, all with the security of an inclusive 5 year guarantee.

The Luxaflex awning collection contains a wide range of fabric styles and colours, all designed to resist fading and temperature extremes. The Sunbrella range offers over 100 designs, all treated with Perlguard XT27, a special water-repelling and stainproofing material.

Luxaflex awnings are also available with electric motors, so at the touch of a button you can enjoy smooth, effortless control, time after time. What's more, the technology eliminates the need for unsightly cables.

The Base Plus awning system

This it the most popular mechanism. It's fully cassetted, meaning the arms and fabric of the awning will be totally enclosed in the cassette box when the awning is retracted. The folding arms are connected with stainless steel chain for added strength and reliability. The brackets are end fix only, and the maximum dimensions are 5m wide by 3.1m arm length. The minimum arm length is 1.6m.

The Base Plus system has powder-coated aluminium profiles in white, and includes an internal profile to support the roller along its length, so that there's no need for individual roller supports.

It's very simple to install and adjust, as the awning simply hooks on to two face or top fixed installation plates before being secured with retaining bolts. Because the cassette box angle remains constant with the front rail, there's no need to align the front rail - it's a simple raise and lock -off process.

Standard operation for the Base Plus is with a crank rod, either on the left or right, but you can also opt for a motorised operation for an extra charge.

Motorised awnings

You can operate your awning manually with a crank rod, or by a Somfy motor if you prefer. These state-of-the-art control solutions eliminate the need for wiring between the motor and the operating switch, and have the limit positions set through the radio switch, rather than on the motor.

One switch can control more than one awning and one awning can be controlled by more than one switch. As standard, all motors are factory fitted with a 2.5metre long cable, but Luxaflex can also fit either 5m or 10m cables if at no extra cost if needed. Balck 2.5m and 5m cables are also UV-protected.

The awning can be controlled from up to 200m away using the remote control handset. There's even a shockproof, water-resistant handset that doesn't mind being left out in the occasional shower.

Having an awning moving in and out automatically means that it looks as though there's someone at home, even when you may be on holiday. With a Somfy light and wind sensor, the awning will automatically extend when there's bright sunshine, and so protect carpets and soft furnishings from bleaching, and plants from drying out. If there's the threat of strong winds, the awning will automatically close for safety.


The Luxaflex awnings collection contains over 100 Sunbrella designs all treated with Perlguard XT27, a special water repelling and stainproofing material that resists fading and temperature extremes.

Beneath an awning, heat from the sun's rays and reflections is reduced because of the low degree of heat transmission by the fabric, which also reduces the temperature reduction of surfaces beneath. All Sunbrella fabrics filter a minimum of 90% of UV rays to help protect you from the potentially harmful effects of sunlight.

Sunbrella fabrics are made from solution-dyed acrylic yarns. These yarns are made by adding the colour at the beginning of the production process, when the acrylic is still liquid. This way it's coloured throughout the yarn, (whereas some yarns are coloured on the surface only), making it super-durable.

Sunbrella awning fabrics have a 10 year limited warranty, (starting from the day on which the awning is purchased) for their rot-proof and colour fastness properties.


Not all awning installation sites allow for straightforward fixing, so for an additional cost you can opt for various different options of bracket to overcome obstacles such as gutters, down pipes, extensions, fascia boards and weak surfaces. (Please note that fixing bolts are extra and can be supplied at an additional cost.) Brackets are also covered by our 5 year guarantee.


All Luxaflex awnings exceed the requirements of the internationally- recognised TUV quality standard for awning systems. TUV is the only independent testing laboratory in the world with stringent standards for retractable awnings. The CE Marking on Luxaflex awnings means that they meet essential safety, health and environmental requirements set by European regulations. All Luxaflex awnings are made in their Birmingham factory.The lead time varies between 5 days and up to 4 weeks depending on the seasons.