Luxaflex blinds

Luxaflex's innovation in design and materials has produced excellent quality products that come with a five-year guarantee. Order and fit from your own measurements, or ask for details of our measure and fit service in our shops.

The Luxaflex blinds collection has a wide choice of styles to suit any room or window shape

Duette shades

With Duette, beautifully diffuse light that enters the room through the honeycomb shades, whilst helping you manage your indoor climate and potentially save money on energy costs. The air layer in the cell works like an insulating blanket, and the 3 air layers in Architella result in an even higher insulation value.

Duette Shades are available in a wide assortment of beautiful fabrics and colours, and in three transparencies to make precise light control and privacy possible. They give a beautiful pleat pattern to windows of all shapes and sizes. There are no visible drilling holes for the pull cords to give a uniform appearance, and they can be operated manually or with a motorised mechanism.

Window shape

Duette shades are soft, durable and designed to cover almost any window shape, from vertical windows (0°), tilted windows (to 15°) and ceiling and conservatory windows (to 90°). They offer the ideal solution for unique positions like a dormer window, glass wall or conservatory roof blind.

UV protection

Duette shades protect you, your furniture, wooden floors and valuable objects against damaging ultraviolet radiation.


The insulating properties of Duette shades make them ideal for use in conservatories. The air layer in the cell works like an insulating blanket and keeps out the summer heat or the winter cold more effectively than comparable single layer fabrics. The double layer structure helps to conserve energy.


Duette shades also offer privacy as there are 7 different ways a duette shade can be stacked, so it's perfect for over-looked rooms. The amount of light can be easily controlled.

Day - night blinds

Choose one of the many black-out fabrics, and then combine it with a sheer fabric from the Plissé collection to give you day and night options.

Plissé blinds

Plissé 20mm pleated blinds offer a practical, modern style suiting any type of window. The small stack size when lifted gives these blinds a neat, flush finish, and they're available in a wide range of colours and fabrics including 
fire-retardant types.

Luxaflex Plissé blinds are also available with 3 fabric treatments offering solar reflection (Topar), dirt and moisture repellence (Dustblock) and antibacterial properties 
(Sana Plus).

Facette shades

With several vane widths, Facette shades offer you an ultra-slim new 4 mm (S) vane, a popular 7 mm (M) vane or a dramatic 14 mm (L) option. Consider the proportions of each window you are dressing, and choose the width that best balances the overall effect. Facette shades fabric is made from high quality fire-retardant 100% Trevira CS yarns.

Choose from a contemporary and diverse range of 16 main colours plus 1 trend colour - the collection is regularly updated with one or more colours reflecting latest fashion and design trends.

Silhouette shades

Easy operation

Silhouette shades are operated with a single pull cord to control raising and lowering of the blind and tilting of the vanes. A strong, endless cord ensures a smooth and quiet action. Cord, weight, head and bottom rails are all colour-coordinated.

UV protection

Silhouette Shades shield furnishings and wood floors from the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays, providing up to 99% protection. Even when the vanes are open, they still provide up to 88% UV protection.

Vertical blinds

Ideally suited to larger French windows and sliding doors, these 250mm panel vertical blinds come in an exclusive range of designer fabrics, finished with your choice of aluminium or wood details.


With 230 fabrics and 480 modern and stylish designs, from faux suede and PVC to embossed aluminium, Luxaflex vertical blinds are all available in a variety of shades, vane widths and fabric treatments, including dirt and moisture-repellent Topar, protective Dustblock and antibacterial Sanaplus.

Multiperfora PVC

Play with light and shade with the PVC collection's stylish new cut-out vane design and 0.75%, 3%, 6% and 12% perforation options; multiple perforations in one vane or blind allow you to choose how much or how little light you let in. Antibacterial vanes make the PVC collection ideally suited to catering and medical installations.


For urban-style windows, the aluminium collection now includes a polychrome metallic finish, as well as an extensive range of colours 
and silvers.

Roller blinds


With over 250 fabrics, the Luxaflex roller blind collection has something for everyone, from soft sheers to striking dim-outs in an extensive colour range. You can also choose to laminate any John Lewis fabric.; for kitchens and bathrooms we recommend fabric with a high polyester content.


Loft conversions are becoming more popular, and Luxaflex can manufacture a skylight system for any window supplier. We'd recommend you arrange a home measure for this.

Venetian blinds

Slat sizes for every window

16, 25, 35 and 50, 70mm slat widths are available


Luxaflex offers you a range of possibilities to personalise your Venetian Blind, and create the best possible match in colour and style with your interior. Plain coloured fabric tapes can be chosen for 35, 50 and 70mm slats, or fabric tapes with decorative prints for 50 and 70mm Venetian Blinds. You can also add multiple colours of slats in your blind, or just add a border effect.


Evolution is a classic design with 50mm slats and wooden head and bottom rails, in a wide range of colours. Combine with fabric tape or personalise this blind to your particular style.


The new 25mm MegaView Venetian blind offers you that extra view and privacy control. Available in all colours, this blind closes as a normal 25mm blind, but when you open it, the outside view is doubled. Designed exclusively for Luxaflex, the innovative MegaView system works by using a technology that 'sticks' two slats together when opening to create this extended view.

70mm Venetian blinds

Especially for larger windows in your home or office, 70mm wide slats Venetian blinds are available with standard cord operation as well as a motorised version for more comfort and control. Available in 30 inspiring colours, you can add fabric tape, in a plain colour or a decorative print to add a personal touch to your blinds. A design Fusion valance is also available for a different finishing touch.


If you want privacy, and to allow light in without reflection on TV or computer screens, you can open Variozone in segments with top, bottom or middle open independently of the other parts of the blind - or of course close it completely like any standard Venetian blind. Besides the standard raise cord and a tilt wand, several other operating options are available, including hand-operated bottom rail, Tilt-Only with remote control, full electrical operation, or endless chain.

Luxaflex Lightline

If the traditional holes in a Venetian blind still allow too much light in for you, Luxaflex Lightline blinds have no holes in the slats, so keeping all 
light out.

Wood Blinds

The Luxaflex wood collection comprises a large selection of FSC-approved wood; choose from Oak, Cedar, Ash, Walnut, Beech and Basswood. From a striking red piano finish to a beautiful grained oak wood, the collection has something for everyone - but you can also have your wood blind custom coloured.

Luxaflex Fusion option

In the Fusion model, the wooden components of your blind are combined with beautiful, stylish aluminium accents, so that your wooden blind takes on design radiance without losing the warmth of natural wood.

Faux wood

Luxaflex now offers a faux wood collection; this PVC-based material is ideal for any bathrooms and kitchens where running water would ordinarily be damaging to real wood Venetian blinds.


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