VELUX and skylight blinds

Take control of your indoor climate

Incorporating natural light into your living space is an important part of creating your ideal home, and you'll also want to manage it so it suits your lifestyle. VELUX and skylight blinds help you take control of the amount of daylight a room receives through skylight windows, as well as its heat intake and heat loss, helping to save energy.

VELUX blinds are designed with supreme functionality in mind, but have also been created to be sleek and beautiful. There are a number of styles to choose from, each with a specific purpose. So, whether you're looking to soften the light or even block it out completely, you're in complete control.

VELUX blinds are available to order from Furnishing fabrics departments in all our shops, and online we stock blackout blinds by VELUX and Bloc.

VELUX blind styles


Sunshine is always welcome, though not when you're trying to sleep during daylight hours. VELUX blackout blinds will help block light out and also improve the energy efficiency of your window by improving insulation by up to 20%. They feature an outer aluminium foil that reflects excessive heat from the sun but helps retain heat in winter.


Simple, elegant and always stylish, roller blinds offer an effective and practical solution for both protection and good looks. Just lower and change the mood of the room by diffusing the light, and ensuring privacy when you need it.


VELUX Pleated blinds can help you to create colourful and original light effects, and complement your personal choice of furniture and decoration.


VELUX venetian blinds are the ideal solution for any place encountering high levels of humidity, enabling you add simple, practical chic appeal to kitchens and bathrooms. The aluminium coating option helps regulate the temperature in a room by retaining heat in the winter, and reflecting it during the summer.


These unique external blinds are perfect for keeping rooms cool and reducing the heat of the sun on hot summer days. When closed, they can reduce the amount of heat entering a room by up to 90%. Their design also means they allow a pleasant diffused light to enter the room. Each blind is easily installed internally, and rolls up out of sight under its casing when not in use.

Insect screen

It's lovely to have the windows open during spring and summer, but sometimes they let in unwelcome guests as well as fresh air. A VELUX insect screen allows you to eat and sleep in comfort; installed on the wall so you can use your window as normal, you still benefit from ventilation and cooling. When not in use, simply roll it up in its aluminium casing. It can be combined with all types of VELUX Blinds.

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