Community Matters

Helping support local communities

Community Matters is our charitable giving scheme that runs throughout our shops. You'll also come across a similar scheme at your local Waitrose.

Every 3 months each shop selects 3 community groups to help. Customers are directly involved in deciding how much each nominated group receives, by using a token to vote for the organisation they'd like to support.

Each shop has £3000 to donate which is split between the charities according to the proportion of the vote they've received from customers. This means that if a charity receives 31% of the votes, it receives a £910 donation.

Charities will receive support in whichever way will benefit them the most, either in the form of John Lewis products, volunteering time from Partners, or as financial support.

The Community Matters boxes are located in catering areas of each shop. Customers are given one token per transaction, and will be able to follow how much of the vote each organisation receives over the 3 months.

Organisations eligible for Community Matters includes charities, schools and relevant community groups. Partners will look at the requests that are submitted and choose 3 organisations to support for the following 3 months.

If you're involved with an organisation that would like to be considered for Community Matters, please complete the nomination form and take it to the Customer Services department in your local John Lewis.