PATTERNITY + John Lewis Bathroom Accessories

The PATTERNITY bathroom accessories range features a black debossed pattern in a lovely gloss finish.

They're perfect for adding a sleek, stylish touch to your bathroom.

Brand Story
PATTERNITY’s co-founders Grace Winteringham and Anna Murray have a core mission – to give patterns a powerful and positive voice. In 2009, they created the world’s leading online archive of pattern imagery, both man-made and natural as an expression of their core philosophy that ‘everything is connected’ and have been decoding the visual rhythms and cycles of everyday life ever since.

From its East London base, PATTERNITY swiftly grew from a repository of mesmerising imagery to a fully-fledged interdisciplinary creative studio, with a programme of events and educational initiatives dedicated to encouraging and enhancing our appreciation and understanding of pattern in the world around us.

Artfully blurring the boundaries between creativity, science and spirituality, their award-winning projects, products, books and educational events work with pattern – both seen and unseen – to encourage people to incorporate positive thinking and behaviour into everyday life. We've collaborated to create an exclusive collection which celebrates the fundamental shapes and rituals of life.

Please note: The image shown features key pieces of this collection but it may not include the whole range. The product list beneath the image shows you all available items in the range.

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