Special Rituals


Our Philosophy: special rituals

Inspired by ancient Eastern traditionis, we have developed three complete body care rituals: HammamAyurveda and Tao.

Hammam rituals

Hammam rituals

Welcome the Eastern steam bath ritual into your home

The tradition of cleansing the body forms the basis of this ancient Turkish Hammam ritual. This steam bath ritual provides a mysterious, relaxing "journey of warmth" for the body and soul.

Ultimate Cleansing Ritual: 4 steps

To begin your cleansing experience, prepare your skin with our moisturising shower paste, Hammam Olive Secret. Next, exfoliate your body with the Hammam Hot Scrub — a unique body scrub that combines nourishing oils with Sea Salt. After this, take a quick shower and cleanse your body, then wrap yourself in pure luxury with the Hammam Body Mud. Finalise with our Hammam Delight shower foam and enjoy the softest shower you have ever experienced. Feel the glow!

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Ayurveda rituals

Ayurveda rituals

The ancient health and beauty ritual from India

Based on the power of nature, Ayurveda is a holistic lifestyle aimed at balancing body, mind and soul. Detoxification and nurturing rituals form the beauty principles of Ayurveda.

Delightful Detox Ritual: 5 steps

Begin this ritual by slow, deep breathing to relax and open your mind. You are now ready to start scrubbing and massaging your pressure points on your feet with Yogi Secret, the ideal way to activate the detox. Rinse your body with the Yogi Flow shower foam. After this, exfoliate your skin with the sensationally cooling Himalaya Wisdom salt scrub. Finish by enveloping your body in the ultra nourishing body cream Honey Touch.

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Tao rituals

Tao rituals

Relaxation from ancient China

Tao is an ancient Chinese philosophy based on harmony. Tao products bring peace to your body and mind, thus guides us towards deep relaxation.

Balance your body and mind: 4 steps

Begin by cleansing your skin from dead skin cells to rediscover your body balance. Apply Wai Wang body exfoliating cream, with organic Bamboo, for a gentle scrubbing experience. Rinse off with the sensationally soft T’ai Chi shower foam. Next, soothe your body with the nourishing body cream Mei Dao, then massage your pressure points in your feet with nourishing and cooling Lao Tze foot balm.

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