Philips Saeco HD8769/08 Moltio Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machine

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Philips Saeco HD8769/08 Moltio Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machine

Philips Saeco HD8769/08 Moltio Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machine

Product description

Product code: 85508005

The Philips Saeco HD8769/08 Moltio coffee machine offers a tailored taste experience. Thanks to a bean switcher, you can change the variety of coffee beans instantly at the click of a switch, to suit your mood and tastes.

Ceramic grinders never overheat, ensuring perfect grinding, long lasting performance and completely silent operation. Five adjustable grinding preferences give a full-bodied espresso to a coarse grind for a lighter coffee. Two frothing chambers produce the ideal temperature and constant flow of milk so you can enjoy professional quality milk based beverages. A quick heat boiler allows for immediate brewing of numerous cups, so you’re never left waiting long, and a memo function will remember your personal favourite.

An automatic rinse and descaling cycle make for easy cleaning and maintenance, as well as the drip tray and carafe being dishwasher safe. Once the HD8769/08 is no longer in use for a period of time it will go into automatic standby, saving energy.



Where is espresso from?

At Saeco we are proud of our Italian heritage. Our story began in a small Italian village in the heart of the mountains of Bologna where we started manufacturing our espresso machines.

Why do we know coffee better than anyone else?

In 1985 we invented the first fully automatic coffee machine designed to be used in the home. Since then we have continued to invent new ways of making real Italian coffee easier and more enjoyable.

What makes us the number one espresso brand in Italy?

We are the only fully automatic home espresso appliance manufacturer to be certified by the Italian Tasters, who are the experts in identifying the best quality coffee. Our ceramic grinders give consistency in the coffee blend and make our coffee machines perform better and last even longer.



Adjust the grind

Select the grinding level of your beans on a scale from 1-5: From the finest setting which gives you a full-bodied espresso, to the coarsest setting which gives a lighter café crème.

Choosing your preferred strength

If you prefer a stronger tasting coffee, then you want to grind a larger amount of coffee. Change the setting from a low number of coffee beans to a high number depending on whether you want a stronger or slightly milder tasting drink.

Selecting the length of your drink

Programme your machine to remember the exact amount of water you want.

For the perfect cappuccino froth


Position the tip of the steam wand just below the surface of the milk. Tilt the jug slightly as the foam grows and rotate the jug around the wand to create a creamy and smooth consistency

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