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Samsung MS23J5133AT Microwave, Silver



H27.5 x W48.9 x D33.8cm

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The Samsung MS23J5133AT microwave allows you to prepare quick and healthy meals easily, and add variety to your mealtimes.

Healthier cooking
Prepare nutritious and perfectly cooked dishes using the 16 pre-set Cook with Ease menus. Use fresh ingredients and create meals full of flavour.

Keep warm function
If you’re preparing a time-consuming meal with lots of dishes, you can use this function to keep your food at the correct temperature without over-cooking it, so it will be delicious and ready to serve as soon as you are.

Ceramic interior
Scratch and rust-free, the ceramic interior is smooth and easy to wipe clean, and will help to keep your microwave more hygienic.

Stylish design
With its elegant and simple design, this microwave will look great in any kitchen.

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