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Samsung NL20J7100WB Chef Collection Warming Drawer, Black Glass



H59.5 x W14 x D54.5 cm

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Samsung's new Chef Collection is the product of collaboration with three world-renowned chefs. Drawing on their expertise and experience, they have helped Samsung to revolutionise the kitchen experience and to come up with creative and innovative ways for you to prepare, store and serve your food.

Samsung’s NL20J7100WB warming drawer is the perfect addition to your kitchen appliances. Part of the Samsung Chef Collection, it’s an ideal partner to their compact ovens.

Plate Warming
Keep your plates warm before serving food to prevent your dish cooling down too fast.

Keeps Food Warm
Ideal for when someone hasn't come down for dinner yet - pop their plate into the warming drawer so that the food stays hot without overcooking.

Perfect for Faking It
Set this warming drawer on medium to quickly heat up rolls or a loaf of bread from your local supermarket or bakery.

Additional Features

  • Push & pull door
  • Telescopic Rail
  • Temperature Range: 30-80°C

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