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Samsung NQ50J9530BS Chef Collection Compact Oven, Touch LCD, Stainless Steel


The size of the space needed for the oven to fit

H445 - Max. 450mm X W564-568 mm X D550 mm

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Samsung's new Chef Collection is the product of a collaboration with three world-renowned chefs. Drawing on their expertise and experience, they have helped Samsung to revolutionise the kitchen experience and to come up with creative and innovative ways for you to prepare, store and serve your food.

The stylishly modern NQ50J9530BS from Samsung’s Chef Collection will be a perfect addition to your kitchen, with an oven and microwave in one cavity - an ideal space saver for small kitchens.

Energy Saving
Even though this oven is powerful, it has an impressive A+ energy rating.

Double performance for tastier dishes
Two fans rotate in opposite directions so that the heat is distributed evenly inside the oven. The unit heats up faster, so your food cooks quicker and more accurately for a tastier dish.

Combination Cooking
You can choose between 3 settings - convection mode is ideal for bread, and the microwave oven is great when cooking fish, rice and vegetables, or choose combination mode for the ultimate roast chicken. It's versatile, efficient, and saves you time.

Touch Screen Controls
The 4.6” TFT-LCD is lets you scroll through features and settings quickly and with ease, saving you more time to cook and taking away in stress in the kitchen.

Soft Close Door
On closing, the specially designed hinges catch the door a few centimetres before it closes, allowing it to closes gently and silently - the perfect touch for added comfort.

Steam cleaning
With steam cleaning, food residue, including leftovers and difficult stains, are easily removed. Just pour a small amount of water inside the oven and turn on the cleaning mode, this creates hot steam that loosens grease and food residue. All you need to do is wipe it away.

Large Capacity
This oven offers up to 50 litres of capacity, so you can bake more dishes at the same time, perfect for parties or the Christmas turkey.


  • Dual Fan
  • Professional Cooking Mode
  • 2 Baking Trays
  • Ceramic Tray
  • Wire Rack
  • Wire Tray Insert

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