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Samsung NV70F5787LB Electric Oven, Black Glass


The size of the space needed for the oven to fit

H590-600mm x W560mm x D550mm

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The Samsung NV70F5787LB oven has a sleek design that will look great in any kitchen, and a range of features to make preparing your favourite meals easier. An A energy rating will keep your energy bills low.

Auto menu
This function is great for cooking delicious meals without the need for a cookbook. Select a menu from the list and turn the dial to get perfect results. Cooking times and temperatures will be adjusted automatically, so your food will never be over- or under-cooked.

Dual cooking
With Dual Cooking, you can prepare two dishes simultaneously using the upper and lower cooking zones. You can adjust the temperature and time settings separately, and flavours will not cross over so you’ll end up with two perfect dishes.

Twin LED display
Two rows on the LED display give you all the information you need when cooking with the two zones simultaneously. The dual display shows cooking information and oven settings so that you can ensure you get perfect results every time.

Soft door system
The lightweight door opens and closes softly and smoothly, so you don’t need to strain to open it or slam it shut.

Telescopic rack
The oven rack is on a rail which smoothly pulls out so that you can remove your hot dishes easily and safely. Never struggle to reach your trays again!

Child safety lock
Special safety locks on the oven keep children safe in the kitchen so you don’t need to worry about little fingers getting burnt.

Cooling fan

To keep the operating components of the control panel cool, the oven features an integral cooling fan. This also helps to cool down the oven door and any nearby furniture.


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