Buy Samsung RB37J5230SL Freestanding 70/30 Fridge Freezer, A+ Energy Rating, 60cm Wide, Stainless Steel Online at

Samsung RB37J5230SL Freestanding 70/30 Fridge Freezer, A+ Energy Rating, 60cm Wide, Stainless Steel

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H201 x W59.5 x D67.5cm

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The Samsung RB37J5230SL fridge freezer features a generous fridge capacity of 269 litres and a freezer capacity of 98 litres, so it's ideal for a busy family household.

Making the most of the size
SpaceMax Technology™ makes the walls slimmer, so the same size fridge freezer on the outside has more space inside. 3 freezer drawers and 3 fridge shelves make it easy to organise your groceries and find what you need, and there are 2 salad drawers in the fridge to keep your fruit and vegetables fresh. The built-in wine rack also frees up space often taken up by bulky bottles.
Adjustable elements in this fridge-freezer also allow you to create room where you need it. The slide-in shelf adds extra flexibility and adjustable door bins mean you can change their position and easily fit in bottles and cartons.

Features and functions to keep groceries fresh
A Fresh Zone is specially designed for meat and fish, but Multi Flow Cooling acts throughout the fridge to keep it evenly chilled, so your food stays fresher for longer. And the Digital Inverter Compressor monitors and adjusts the temperature, keeping it consistent and helping the fridge run more efficiently.

Additional features include:

  • Total No Frost keeps the fridge freezer frost-free, saving you the hassle of having to defrost it
  • Power Freeze adds a short burst to the freezer for when you first unpack your shopping
  • Vacation mode reduces its energy consumption while you’re away
  • Reversible doors so you can switch the way it opens depending on your kitchen space
  • LED lighting is energy efficient and provides an even light throughout
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