Buy Samsung RF56M9540SR/EU Family Hub™ Smart Freestanding 60/40 Fridge Freezer, A+ Energy Rating, 90cm Wide, Stainless Steel Online at

Samsung RF56M9540SR/EU Family Hub™ Smart Freestanding 60/40 Fridge Freezer, A+ Energy Rating, 90cm Wide, Stainless Steel

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H182.5cm x W90.8cm x D73.3cm

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A fusion of smart technology and the latest in refrigeration design, the RF56M9540SR/EU Family Hub Fridge Freezer from Samsung will help you manage your groceries, connect with your family and entertain guests like never before. With a WiFi enabled LCD touchscreen built-in to the door, internal cameras and a range of handy apps, you won't know how you managed in the past.

Food management
3 built-in cameras allow you to see what’s inside the fridge via internet connectivity. When you're out shopping, you can use your phone to check what's left in the fridge and work out what you need to buy. There are also systems to help you keep track of your grocery's expiry dates, as well as monitor and re-order your food shopping.

Family connection
The fridge's touch screen display also works like a kitchen blackboard, complete with a calendar and diary for you to add reminders to, or share notes with the rest of the family. Just like a large tablet, you can watch TV or listen to the radio on while you're in the kitchen, or take advantage of a range of other apps that offer thousands of recipes and foodie ideas.

Flexible and reliable cooling
The versatile bottom-right door can switch between a fridge or a freezer with the touch of a button, allowing you to choose between 5 customisable temperature settings to suit you. What's more, the triple cooling system incorporates separate air flows for precise temperature and humidity control, so even with a full fridge, your food stays fresher for longer.

All apps available on Android and iOS:

  • View Inside - 3 built-in cameras take a picture every time the doors close, so you can view what’s inside your fridge from your phone.
  • Groceries by Mastercard - The entire family can connect to your favourite local grocer to make a list and place an order.
  • Allrecipes - Instant access to an amazing collection of member-shared recipes, photos, ratings and reviews.
  • Sticki - Share calendars, post photos and write notes on the Family Hub™ touchscreen or from your phone.
  • Pandora - Discover and listen to new music with personalised stations that play the music you love.
  • Whiteboard -Write notes and draw pictures on the Family Hub™ or your phone to leave messages for your family.
  • Photo Album - Display your favorite photos directly on the Family Hub's™ vibrant touchscreen.
  • Shopping List - Create your list which will conveniently sync between your Family Hub™ and mobile device.
  • Samsung Club Des Chef - Your key to delicious recipes for all different occasions.
  • Tune In - Listen to your favorite radio stations for free, with sports, news, music and talk radio.
  • Calendar - Keep on schedule and sync everyone’s calendar from the touchscreen or your phone.
  • Timer - Start or stop time intervals that are used to countdown with alarm notifications.
  • Settings - Set up Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, date & time and so much more.
  • Fridge Manager - Control the refrigerator and freezer temperatures, check water filter status and control the ice maker.
  • TV Mirroring - Whatever you're watching on your Smart TV, you can mirror it on to your Family Hub™ screen.
  • Internet Browser - Enjoy quick and easy access to the internet, just like on your tablet or phone.
  • Weather - Get the forecast at a glance to plan your day.

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