Buy Samsung RS68N8941SL/EU American-Style Freestanding 65/35 Fridge Freezer, A++ Energy Rating, 91cm Wide, Silver Online at

Samsung RS68N8941SL/EU American-Style Freestanding 65/35 Fridge Freezer, A++ Energy Rating, 91cm Wide, Silver

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H178 x W91.2 x D71.6 cm

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Combining modern technology with elegant design, the RS68N8941SL/EU Freestanding American Style Fridge Freezer from Samsung is sure to become the heart of your kitchen by helping you manage your groceries, connect with your family and entertain guests like never before. Food management
3 built-in cameras allow you to see what’s inside the fridge via internet connectivity. When you're out shopping, you can use the Smart Home App (available on Android and iOS) to check what's left in the fridge and work out what you need to buy. There are also systems to help you keep track of your grocery's expiry dates, as well as monitor and re-order your food shopping.

Family connection
The fridge's touch screen display also works like a kitchen blackboard, complete with a calendar and diary for you to add reminders to, or share notes with the rest of the family. Just like a large tablet, you can watch TV or listen to the radio on while you're in the kitchen, or take advantage of a range of other apps that offer thousands of recipes and foodie ideas.

Digital Inverter Compressor
At the centre of the RS68N8941SL/EU is a Digital Inverter Compressor that cleverly varies its power and running speed depending on how much cooling is needed. Unlike conventional compressors, this one doesn’t stop and start abruptly, resulting in energy conservation, reduced noise and a longer life for your appliance.

Twin Cooling Plus
Twin Cooling Plus maintains the ideal level of humidity in both the fridge and freezer, preserving your food's original flavour by preventing odours mixing.

Power Freeze and Power Cool
These smart features rapidly decrease the internal temperature when new items are added, helping to preserve the quality of fresh food while protecting your stored items from defrosting.

Additional features:

  • Plumbed water and ice dispenser
  • SpaceMax technology for extra internal capacity
  • Door alarm
  • Vacation mode

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