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The shoe size I ordered, based on my measurements using the foot measuring gauge didn't fit. Why is this?
Measuring your child's feet at home using one of our foot measuring gauges is a good starting point to finding out your child's Clarks shoe size.

However, the styling, construction or materials of individual styles can affect the fit.

For the most accurate measurement of your child's feet, help choosing a style and a full fit check we would always recommend visiting one of our trained fitters in store.

I don't understand how to use the gauge?
Inside the box your gauge came in you'll find a set of instructions which provide a step-by-step guide to using it.

If you have lost these instructions, you can print off a new set by visiting our guide to using your foot measuring gauge on this website.

This page also includes step-by-step video instructions on how to use each gauge.

How do I get my size?
Our guide to using your foot measuring gauge on this website will show you how to measure your child's feet using your gauge.

When you have written down your child's measurements, you can type them into our online size calculator , which will use them to calculate your child's Clarks shoe size.

For more information on choosing which gauge to buy please click here

What gauge do I need to buy?
There are two Clarks' foot measuring gauges – a toddler gauge and a junior gauge.

The gauge you need will depend on your child's current shoe size. If you don't know this, you can use your child's age as a guide to which gauge to buy.