Multiroom Explained

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Multiroom explained

With Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies plus improvements in battery technology and power consumption the idea of truly wireless
speakers is now a reality. Using Pure’s Jongo wireless speakers and other compatible products from the Pure range, offers you an easy way to build an affordable multiroom system.

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Expand Wirelessly

Pure's Jongo wireless multiroom family lets you start with a single Jongo S3X and expand within a single room, or across multiple rooms, by adding more devices. You can control all the devices using the Pure Connect app on your iPad, iPhone or Android device or other compatible Pure product.

The included rechargeable battery pack means you can put Jongo S3X wherever you like – whether streaming to one speaker using Bluetooth while out and about or using Wi-Fi around your house to stream synchronised audio to one or more speakers.

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Convenience & Control

You can build a complete Jongo multiroom system using just the Jongo S3X wireless speakers and the Pure Connect app for control, or you can introduce one or more of a growing range of compatible Pure products including Sensia 200D Connect, One Flow and Contour 200i Air.

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