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Siemens CS658GRS6B Built-In Single Compact Steam Oven, Black


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The CS658GRS6B from Siemens is a compact oven with fullSteam function and smart sensors for great cooking results every time. As a steam oven you can enjoy cooking food especially gently, so that it retains all the aromas and vitamins nature provided. Food cooked in hot steam not only tastes wonderfully tender and juicy, it's also healthier.

The roastingSensor and bakingSensor functions detect the exact moment when your food is done which takes all the guesswork out of achieving the perfect outcome.

This oven also features Home Connect where you can access and control your oven, no matter where you are via your smart-phone or tablet with the easy-to-use Home Connect App.

It is easy to use with a 5.7" TFT touchDisplay Plus which provides clear text display and intuitive operation. It is also very easy to clean with ecoClean Plus. Thanks to a special interior coating just a quick wipe with a cloth will get your oven shiny and clean.

For everyone who likes to use hot air while saving energy, the Siemens innovation hotAir Eco not only stays as much as 30 % below the maximum allowable energy consumption to achieve an energy efficiency rating of A, but also provides perfect cooking and baking results. Whether you bake frozen pizza, cake or lasagna, hotAir Eco with special temperature control has been systematically optimised for energy-saving baking and roasting with hot air on one level.

This oven also comes with both a full and half grill function, heat reflective glass, a full glass inner door, a stainless-steel fan and stainless steel control dial, as well as a drop down oven door with softClose, softOpen.

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