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Siemens ET475FYB1E Teppanyaki Hob, Stainless Steel


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0.9 x 36 x 49

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Very fast-heating and great for flash-frying, the ET475FYB1E Teppan Yaki hob from Siemens is perfect for traditional Japanese cooking at home. Teppan Yaki is great for cooking steak, chicken portions, vegetables and more thanks to its large stainless steel cooking plate.

If you’ve ever experienced this style of cooking in a Japanese restaurant, you’ll know how delicious and exciting it can be, and now you can bring it into your kitchen.

The cooker stainless steel plate is divided into two cooking zones, and depending on your requirements and quantities, the two zones can be heated together or separately.

The touchSlider allows the hob temperature to be controlled by entering it directly or by moving the slider with a single finger.

The cooker heats up extremely quickly so you can get cooking, but it also features a keep warm setting at 70 °C, and a cleaning setting that heats to 40°C so that grease deposits can be removed more easily.

When it's not being used a black ceramic glass lid is supplied to ensure it blends in seamlessly with your kitchen.

Please note: there should be a minimum height clearance of 65cm between an electric hob and the cooker hood above it.

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